AngularJS Development

Angular JS development is a great option for the front-end development of websites. Whether you only have an idea, an MVP(Minimum Viable Product), wireframes or a full-fledged existing website that needs to be revamped for the good, Narola’s team of Angular JS developers can work it out for you. A website that is based on the Angular JS framework, is highly interactive and offers a suitable user interface for your visitors

Best Company For AngularJS Development Of Your Website

NWe have been a part of Angular JS development for many years now. We have worked on a number of client AngularJS projects with all its updated versions. Our web developers are well experienced with the AngularJS tools and therefore take minimum time for your website’s front-end development.

Custom AngularJS Development

Your business is unique. Maybe your services or products are similar to others in the market, but, there are KPIs’ that make you stand apart. This is exactly the reason why we perform customized AngularJS development for you. 


Adept Chatbot Development

Chatbots are a tool to automate your business. The benefit of chatbot development is that it is not limited to the niche of your business. Whether it is e-commerce, entertainment, software development.


eCommerce Solutions Provider

Most businesses have turned to make their business online. For this, either it is only a segment or entire conversion. If you have to sell products or services as a package, eCommerce development solutions are .


Easy Migration and Porting

Incorporating newer technologies into your business is always a wise step to take for its progress. However, it not a cake-walk. There are various challenges that one may face while migrating. 


Relevant API Development

We have years of experience working with AngularJS development. We put this knowledge and expertise in identifying the best pathway and development tools for your website. With AngularJS, you can make use of a number of application .


Proficient and Cost-effective

Maintaining best relations with our clients and ensuring that there is no complaint from the client-side is our goal. We always try to push our limits for delivering a better product each time.

App Store Optimization Services

Single Code

Developing one code that can be used for web, mobile, native desktop, and native mobile applications can be possible with AngularJS development. This saves a lot of time and resources that go into building each code individually. Also, making changes becomes easier.

Progressive web app development

All the applications built are online. There might be situations when you don’t necessarily have an internet connection. With PWA, you get the benefit of working in the offline mode. They also bridge the gap between web and mobile. So, no matter which device is used, your app works seamlessly.

High speed

Applications developed with AngularJS are capable of tracing maximum speed on the web platform. They are dynamic, support easy installation and have near-zero loading time. Thus, they offer better performance and the first choice for most front-end developers.

2-way Data Binding

AngularJS includes data binding. This means there is seamless synchronization in the data of the model and view. Changes in the model are reflected in the view and vice versa. This is useful as the changes made by the user are immediately made in the underlying layers as well, giving scope to better UI/UX development.