Migration To Magento 2

Magneto 1.x, a comprehensive open-source online software, is a channel for many businesses to flourish. The decision to upgrade is a tough call but necessary to provide comparatively better user-experience. The deadline stated by Magento Inc. to terminate support for this e-commerce platform is June 2020. Let the professionals of Narola Infotech take care of your hassles by providing a precise Magento 2 shift for your business. Enhanced SEO, automated email marketing and streamlined check-out process alongside a dynamic dashboard would be a great boost.

Differences Between Magento 1 And Magento 2


Magento 2 is way better than Magento 1 when it comes to all-round performance. It can process 35% more orders per hour and that’s not the end. This means that the end-to-end checkout time provided would be 50% faster than the older version.



Magento 2 supports the best futuristic security options. The hashing algorithm is secured by SHA-256. This amazing online platform also supports Signifyd and Argon2ID13. It saves you from scam orders, breaches as well as malicious attacks.


The architecture has been completely revamped to provide better user experience and ease to your customers as well. New modules like Composer, Apache, Symfony, Varnish are added to enable optimum results. It also supports the PHP7 version.


The Magento 2 online platform has an attractive and intuitive dashboard. It enables effortless navigation and effective control of your business. The admin panel displays the situation of orders, top keywords, bestsellers, revenue generation and more.


Magento 2 provides canonical tags to solve content duplicity issues and also enables meta tags for particular web pages. The inclusion of schema.org and rich snippets would definitely add up to your SEO efforts.


The Magento 2 license cost more than Magento 1 because of obvious reasons. The EE (Enterprise Edition) of the latest version will cost around $22k per year which is $3k more than the old version. Remember that every penny spent is worth the value.

Responsive Design And Better Functioning

We understand that moving a business from one platform to another is difficult. But, the decision has to be made quickly as June 2020 is just a few months away. The more you work on your current site, the more time and effort would it take to switch. It is necessary due to both security and performance reasons.

There won’t be any bug fixes or security patches for the old version anymore. This leaves your business vulnerable to attacks. On the other hand, Magento 2 has proven to be better than its older version in every way possible. It’s a wise decision to make the shift as soon as possible to avoid any issues.

Magento 2 Recommended Extensions

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

MVM remodels your existing store into an online shopping mall with multiple sellers. It is supported by add-ons like USPS, DHL, FedEx, Stripe, PayPal & Aramex. This extension also enables users to manage the entire supply chain efficiently.


It as an extensive extension that provides open-source software for development operations. This single application changed the fundamentals of team collaboration, development and security significantly. GitLab remarkably reduces the cost as well.

Order Export

This extension enables you to download all sales-related data in any format be it TXT, CSV/Excel, SQL, JSON, XML or ASCII. It also assists in connecting your platform to any CRM, ERP, warehouse or shipping system.


The stock keeping unit (SKU) is a number that’s given to a product that makes searching it very simple, even in a huge stack of products. This IBNAB extension enables quick search of products on the basis of prefix entered by customers.

Magento 2 Blog

This extension enables the swift creation and handling of a blog about your business. It involves the best SEO assistance and requires no solutions for integration. It also offers the option to promote your products via social sharing.

SSO Integration

The single sign-on (SSO) extension, enables the login of a single user on your e-commerce platform. It uses Auth0 to provide a secure passage for credential authentication, including support for third-party logins (Facebook/Google).

Cash On Delivery

This extension can increase your sales remarkably as it offers customers a way to make payments after delivery. The vendor can set extra fees for this service and also block it for particular locations on the basis of zip codes.

Personalized Marketplace

We at Narola Infotech are always ready to go beyond the ordinary and deliver solutions catering to your unique needs. Our developers are skilled to build a robust market place similar to top e-commerce platforms globally.

The Process Of Migration

Theme Migration

Most of Magento 1 themes are not compatible with Magento 2. Thus, intricate designing and developing are necessary. This process also gives you an amazing chance of testing your site’s responsiveness and user-friendliness.

Extension Migration

The extensions to have a similar case as the theme, most of them aren’t compatible. The ones that are compatible come with some severe issues. Review the number of extensions you require for your store and leave the rest on us.

Code Migration

Magento 2 supports the code written for Magento 1 in most cases but to ensure seamless store experience, rewriting is required. Our workforce is well equipped with tools to carry the entire migration process with ease.

Data Migration

The process of transferring your entire data from one platform to another is a tedious job. Our professionals ensure a swift transfer of data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 without compromising the user experience of the site.

Total Time Required To Migrate From M1 To M2

The time to be invested in migration completely depends on the complexity of your current platform. It ranges from a few days to even months. Let us help you determine the time with examples. If your site is a simple Magento 1 website with minor customization and no third-party plugins, it would take a week or so. On the other hand, if there are several customizations and multiple 3rd-party modules involved, the time would increase by manifolds. It also depends on your theme compatibility as well, a Magento 2 friendly theme would take less time comparatively.

Why Choose Us For M2 Migration

Our 14 years of experience in the IT solutions industry has been remarkable and the will to keep improving has always been up. Clients have appreciated our work ethics and have also felt comfortable sharing all their technical dilemmas with our professionals.

Skilled Team

The entire team is well-trained to handle everything with the utmost responsibility to deliver optimum results. Our personnel provide expert suggestions on the basis of your requirements to give the best outcomes as per your needs.


The most important thing to consider before taking any important decision is budget. We at Narola ensure that you get world-class services and products at competitive rates. Our professionals recommend the most efficient way to achieve the desired result.

Magento Expert

When it comes to Magento, we are already handling several projects running on this vast e-commerce platform. We have got a specific team to handle all Magento related issues and projects. They are well versed in the intricacies of this online software.

Secured Working

We ensure the complete secrecy of your project via NDA agreements. You can rely on us as we have a family-like approach towards our clients. Our professionals give more than 100% on every project as they believe that our success is directly linked to the client’s success.